Services of an operator

Do you have a PBX in your office, but there is no one to maintain and configure it?
Does your telephone and computer network need replacing? We offer you telephone services for the maintenance of telephone and computer communications of buildings, as well as services for the design and construction of a network.

Telephonist services offered by our company.


  • Installation of telephone communications.
  • Installation of network communications.
  • Replacing old telephone / network communications with new ones.
  • Diagnostics of communication problems.
  • Diagnosis and elimination of line breaks.
  • Configure office PBX.
  • Distribution of turnkey telephone numbers around the office.
  • Installing parallel phones.
  • Installation of multichannel telephone lines.
  • Programming a “hot button” (shortcut button).
  • Install and configure servers and software.
  • Consultation and design, network design.