Renovation of offices

Renovation of offices

Renovation makes minor adjustments to the layout of the room and is, in fact, the restoration of the previous condition of the room: painting windows, doors, baseboards, ceilings, replacement of floor coverings, etc.

Renovation is only part of the possible repairs and requires less cash, it can be done more often than overhaul. Short periods of redecoration are achieved by the absence of complex redevelopment or reduction of technologically long work.

Renovation includes the following services:


  • installation and repair of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets and other plumbing,
  • assembly and repair of furniture,
  • installation, dismantling, repair of door blocks,
  • installing new and replacing old door locks,
  • installation of eaves,
  • installation and replacement of baseboards, linoleum, wood flooring, laminate,
  • replacement of window and door blocks,
  • Installation, repair, replacement, transfer of switches and sockets, and much, much more.


Our redecoration is first of all a modern high-tech and highly qualified approach to interior decoration. Renovation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of modern standards with the use of the latest building technologies, finishing materials, and, of course, highly qualified specialists - masters of their craft!