Office relocation

Any company, developing and increasing its staff, eventually wants to change its location to a more prestigious and spacious.
Office relocation represents, in addition to directly transporting things to the destination, also careful planning and preparation of the relocation.

Information about the service.

For a period of several years our Company offers its clients “office passage” service. Being the capital of our country, Yerevan  is simultaneously large business center, precisely, therefore the passage of offices in Yerevan today is  not a rarity. Besides directly the transport of things for the point of destination, office passage is also thorough planning and the preparation of passage. Since such a service as office relocation has been provided by us for quite some time, we have a wealth of experience in this matter. A reliable scheme has been developed that allows the company to move the company quickly and efficiently.

Why should you use our services?

Relocation of offices is carried out by us in several stages. After the manager of our company accepts an application for a move, he evaluates the cost of services. If it is impossible to do it right away, then we will provide a specialist free of charge who will come to your office to estimate the cost of the move. After that, a contract is concluded in which prices, terms are indicated and all additional works are recorded as part of the “Office Relocation” complex service.

The service "Office relocation" has a number of advantages. Firstly, if you ordered an office relocation from us, the movers and drivers will arrive at the place at your convenience. Secondly, office relocation and services associated with it are estimated previously, and subsequently we do not require additional surcharges. Thirdly, the relocation of the office (Yerevan and suburbs) is carried out by us for a very long time, thanks to which our employees have rich experience and high level of professionalism. In addition, any office relocation and transportation of office property are made by us on time.
Choosing the services of our company, you get a truly office relocation at very affordable prices. Our experts have already conducted more than a dozen office relocations in Yerevan, while we had to work with both small firms and large companies. Thanks to this, we can easily find a common language with any client and make it so that your company's office relocation leaves you with only the warmest memories.