Legal support of business

Not all organizations can afford to keep a lawyer in the state, much less a licensed lawyer. However, very often there is a need to examine the contract, carry out state registration or make changes to the constituent documents. Our company has developed a special offer for organizations for the legal support of business. You can use our services, both once and conclude an agreement for a monthly legal support. The range of legal services included in the monthly maintenance of your business is consistent with you.
Legal support of business from our company includes a range of a variety of services listed below.
State registration of companies in all organizational and legal forms.

State registration of companies in all organizational- legal forms.


  • Drafting of the charter.
  • Registration of a company name.
  • Getting the stamp for the company.
  • Registration with the tax authorities (receipt of the tax identification number of the taxpayer), etc.


State registration of changes:



  • Legal address
  • Company name
  • list of founders (participants)
  • head
  • activity
  • size of authorized capital.

Liquidation of a legal entity.



  • Classic (by decision of the founders, participants of the company or by court decision)
  • Bankruptcy (in case of insufficiency of property to meet the claims of creditors).


Reorganization of a legal entity.



  • Merge
  • Joining
  • Separation
  • Selection
  • Conversion


Drawing up any forms of civil law:



  • Contracts
  • Statements
  • Complaints
  • Claims


Examination of documents related to everyday business activities (orders, orders, agreements, contracts), the provision of legal opinions.
Provision of regulatory material both in electronic and in paper form upon the preliminary request of the Customer.
Support of transactions, including those requiring state registration.
Drawing up contracts without coordination with counterparties (typical, one-time).
Adjustment of contracts offered to the Customer by counterparties in order to strengthen the Customer’s side (without agreement with contractors).
Providing legal opinions on potential transactions (civil).
Drawing up employment contracts with employees.
Preparation of related internal documentation.

Representation in state bodies of the Republic of Armenia, such as:



  • State Real Estate Cadastre of RA
  • Notary office of RA
  • State Register
  • Tax and Customs inspections

Corporate services.


  • Registration, increase and decrease in share capital
  • Work related to the holding of the next and extraordinary meeting of the General Meeting, the Council, the Board and other bodies (drawing up minutes of the general meetings of the LLC and shareholders meetings in accordance with the law)
  • Work related to the alienation of shares, shares of company participants, the application of the preemptive rights of the owner of shares, shares, services in the field of possible participation in the company and so on
  • Registration, brand name and trademark.