IT outsourcing

In any company there are computers, at least the director, secretary, accountants and heads of departments. Therefore arises a question of the maintenance the complex and expensive IT- infrastructure, which includes computer technology, networks, communication channels and much other. Contemporary equipment, unfortunately, sometimes gives failures and undergoes breakdowns. You will recall, it was how often for you necessary to be beaten with the printer, which does not print? For you it was also necessary to experience difficulties, let us say, with the electronic mail? It is possible to, of course, hire IT- specialist into the state so that it would attend the computers. But where to take jack-of-all-trades? Indeed IT- specialists also have narrow specializations. Some work exclusively with the technical section of the computers, others - are occupied by software, the third - by computer networks. And whom little has herself many-sided experience in each of the enumerated spheres, almost no one thinks about the documentation of IT- infrastructure, working of claims from the users and creating the valuable and effective IT- medium.

Way out can be found having simply used the services of  IT -outsourcing, which make it possible considerably to save on the maintenance of computers, after obtaining in this case the more expert assistance, if necessary realizing the project, which many times exceeds the knowledge of one specialist or IT- division!

What is included in IT outsourcing?



  • Diagnostics and setup of computers.
  • Installation of software to the computers.
  • Testing and installation of new programs.
  • Organization of the effective mechanism of the exchange of information.
  • Guarantee of reliable storage of data.
  • Protection of computers from the viruses.
  • Protection of information from the attacks and the breakings.
  • Control and administration IT.
  • IT consulting.
  • Drawing up a plan with the designation of objects and logic diagrams.
  • A well-established mechanism for fulfilling requests from users.

What does  IT-outsourcing give?

IT- outsourcing ensures the trouble-free operation of computer technology in your office. For you it is not worthwhile to worry, that IT- specialist “not always near at hand”. With the competent and timely maintenance, which ensures IT-outsourcing, failures and troubles they occur extremely rarely. With the appearance of not on the staff situation you simply ring to us. Our specialists will show the remote support through the Internet or if necessary will come to you into the office.

What guarantees does complex IT-outsourcing?

In the agreement to complex IT-outsourcing are recorded all rights and responsibilities of sides. In contrast to the regular programmers, by which still it is necessary to compose the duty regulations, in the case of IT-outsourcing in the agreement it is compulsorily indicated, it is how much necessary to time for the rendering of service, what forms of services you will obtain, and other specific moments. Thus, with complex IT-outsourcing you have clear criteria for evaluating our work, and the well-coordinated work of our specialists - this your confidence in failure-free performance of entire complex of computer equipment and reliable information system for your business.