Household and technical Services

We offer you to use the services of everyday maintenance of premises (offices) of organizations, enterprises, shops in the city of Yerevan. Our company offers to use a set of solutions to eliminate household problems associated with the installation of electricians, plumbing and furniture repair. Having concluded a contract for consumer services (subscription service for offices), you will be protected from solving household problems. We are pleased to offer you the work of our masters for work related to plumbing and electricity. The masters of our company are qualified specialists with extensive experience. They will not be long in coming, and soon after you have completed your application, they will arrive in order to do their job efficiently. The range of services offered by the company is quite wide. We hope that our proposals will interest you, and the efficiency of the work, prices, payment terms, quality and guarantees will create the basis for cost-effective cooperation. All the information you are interested in can be found on the pages of the site, which you can follow to the links below.


Consumer services organizations, the contract for subscription services

Not all organizations can afford to keep an electrician or plumber in the staff. And even more so locksmith, carpenter and painter. However, very often there is a need to replace the outlet, fix the wiring, change or repair broken lamps in the office.

Our company has developed a special offer for organizations servicing offices and industrial premises for electrical, plumbing and minor repairs.

YOUR BENEFITS after concluding an outsourcing contract:




Conditioning, ventilation, the heating


We offer a full range of services in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The company's specialists will perform work on the creation of life support systems with the highest quality possible at all stages: when choosing equipment, developing a project, installing and commissioning, warranty and post warranty service.

You will be offered the calculation of air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating on the basis of the floor plans provided and other technical information, taking into account the wishes of equipment placement.

Based on the final specification, you can conclude a contract for the supply and installation of the heating system.

Design provides the following services:





Specialists of the company will fulfill any non-standard order for special equipment at the most competitive prices. Before making a purchase decision, you receive a detailed invoice, indicating all positions and their value, and can evaluate the conditions offered by us for each item.


Installation of equipment

The assembly group of the company is engaged in equipping facilities of any complexity, starting with works with cottages and ending with large industrial buildings. The list of installation works includes:




Service maintenance

The customer service of the company provides services related to commissioning, repair and maintenance of the equipment installed by us.
A distinctive feature of the company are:



At the request of the Owner of the equipment it is possible:




Plumbing work

Qualified masters of our company perform plumbing repairs efficiently and efficiently using modern materials, components and spare parts. The company's specialists are experienced enough, have work experience of 5 years, take up the work of any volume and any complexity and, of course, bring it to a positive result.

The order for the implementation of plumbing work and any repair plumbing is carried out through a telephone call. It is also possible to get free consultations of the company's specialists regarding plumbing work, plumbing repair, cost of services, terms and other nuances.

If you had unforeseen plumbing problems, for example, a pipe burst, a ball valve burst, a sewer or other plumbing equipment was blocked, the mixer failed, the towel warmer was leaking, you had to immediately connect a washing machine or dishwasher, you need to install a water heater, do not hesitate to call us. The plumber on duty will be with you within 1-2 hours.


Electric installation work

Calling an electrician can solve many problems from installing and repairing household appliances to laying a cable. By contacting us, you will be able to call an electrician who has the necessary qualifications.
An experienced electrician, if necessary, will advise you on the choice of materials (advantages and disadvantages of each element, the ratio "price-quality").

Renovation of offices

Renovation makes minor adjustments to the layout of the room and is, in fact, the restoration of the previous condition of the room: painting windows, doors, baseboards, ceilings, replacement of floor coverings, etc.

Renovation is only part of the possible repairs and requires less cash, it can be done more often than overhaul. Short periods of redecoration are achieved by the absence of complex redevelopment or reduction of technologically long work.

Renovation includes the following services:




Our redecoration is first of all a modern high-tech and highly qualified approach to interior decoration. Renovation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of modern standards with the use of the latest building technologies, finishing materials, and, of course, highly qualified specialists - masters of their craft!

Turnkey repair

What is a turnkey repair?

We offer a variety of services related to the repair of premises handed over to us "turnkey". This variety includes: