Courier delivery

For more than a decade, Outsourcing Services has been successfully providing express courier delivery services for legal entities in Yerevan, as well as being a reliable logistics partner for the delivery of correspondence, business documents, promotional materials and other goods.

Courier services include a comprehensive customer-oriented service and the most effective performance.

Our organization performs thousands of orders every day on the paperwork in Yerevan. Such a service as fast delivery of documents by courier is especially popular among large companies, banks, tour operators and distributors when it is not possible to transfer the necessary papers on their own. Most often them are sending catalogs, contracts, advertising materials, price lists, etc. Our courier delivery service controls the quality of services provided. We are confident in our employees, as each of them is selected and inspected, including through our security service. Therefore, turning to us, you can be sure: we will deliver the documents or correspondence in complete safety to the specified place.

Reliable and fast  delivery in the city  of  Yerevan and regions, the quality assurance and delivery terms – all is an express delivery service from our company.

In the cost of the services are included:



  • courier’s arrival
  • “from hand to hand  ” delivery
  • done work report grant

How much does it cost?
We are offering courier services by flexible price policy and we always proceed from the interests of our clients.

For more information about the rates, you can find out by contacting us by phone (+374 96) 104647.

Additional services:



  • accepting orders on non-working days (week-ends)
  • Provide any envelopes.
  • document packaging
  • delivery of advertisement sources, invitation cards, congratulation cards and gifts
  • private delivery service grant